In this Part 2 of our two part series on Blockchain basics, we cover the most fundamental technology terms of blockchain technology. We discuss what are blocks, signatures, mining and other popular concepts such as Zero knowledge proofs, Quantum resistance etc.


In this Part 1 of our two part series of Blockchain basics, we focus on the business aspects of the blockchain industry and explain some of the most fundamental terms and keywords that are used in this space – such as ICOs, Stablecoins, Exchanges, OTC markets, etc.


In this episode we explore a particularly interesting effort to scale blockchains at Layer 0 i.e. the network layer, with Dr. Uri Klarman, Co-founder & CEO, Bloxroute Labs. The network layer is the underlying set of technologies upon which the world wide web runs. Bloxroute Labs is a company trying to solve the scalability problem at the network layer by building a Blockchain Distribution Network or BDN. We took a deep dive into Bloxroute’s solution, discussing how their Blockchain Distribution Network works, how it allows scaling of blockchains at the network layer and how the company plans to monetize it.

Guest: Dr. Uri Klarman, Co-founder & CEO, Bloxroute Labs
Website: https://bloxroute.com/

EP 12 – Blockchain in Media

The Media industry is a broad ecosystem with many different players from video sharing platforms to traditional broadcasters, to music creators to the various technology companies providing specific solutions for media companies. In an existing online media space, where the power of central companies is becoming increasingly dependent on social influencers, the industry faces several challenges around revenue sharing with content creators, censorship of information or even mangement of digital ownership rights of content creators.

In this episode we focus on various projects that are looking to solve different types problems in this ecosystem. We discuss projects such as LBRY, DTube and Props that are looking to tackle the online video space, and are looking to compete with companies such as Youtube. We take a closer look at the Theta project, that is looking to create an alternative video delivery network for better quality delivery, along with making it cheaper than existing CDNs. We also discuss some specific examples from the music industry where blockchain technology is being used for better management of ownership rights and distribution of royalties.


EP 11 – DECENTRALIZED FINANCE (DeFi) – with Anton Mozgovoy

In this episode, we explore the buzzing new space of Decentralized Finance (Defi) with Anton Mozgovoy, ex CTO at the Humaniq project and currently at Jthereum. DeFi is an abbreviation of the phrase decentralized finance which generally refers to the digital assets and financial smart contracts, protocols, and decentralized applications (DApps). This includes payment systems, lending services, decentralized exchanges and many others. Defi continues to grow in popularity as a use case of blockchain technology as it looks to solve the problems of financial inclusion and banking the unbanked, something that legacy financial institutions have been unable to do.

Guest: Anton Mozgovoy, ex CTO at Humaniq
Website: https://mozgovoy.me/

EP 10 – Blockchain and Healthcare

Healthcare industry is a vast ecosystem, that includes several stakeholders like healthcare service providers, insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, research institutions, drug suppliers and others. In this episode, we look at some of the key areas in the healthcare ecosystem where major problems currently exist, and we look at some of the various projects that are using blockchain technology to solve some of these problems.

EP 09 – Cosmos – Internet of Blockchains

Cosmos is a project that describes itself as the Internet of Blockchains, a project that many consider to be a key piece of the puzzle to making blockchains interconnectable and practically feasible in the future. Cosmos looks to become the universal solution that connects many different blockchains together and enable them to exchange data among each other. In this episode, we look at what the Cosmos project is, a little bit about its history, how it works and how it compares with some of the other projects that are trying to connect different blockchains together.

EP 08 – Moloch DAO – The next big thing on Ethereum?

In this episode, we talk about Moloch DAO – a project that has drawn the attention of some of the biggest names in the Ethereum community. DAO stands for Decentralized Autonomous Organization, it has been conceptualized to be an organization that can operate and run across borders, on a decentralized blockchain network, which is directly controlled by the participants of that network. Unlike other DAOs in the past, Moloch is designed to effectively coordinate resources for issuing grants to projects within the Ethereum community. Some even describe it as a project with Crypto-economic innovations that can help fast track the development of projects on the Ethereum network. In this episode, we look at some of the basic concepts of what a DAO is, take a closer look at Moloch DAO and analyze how it can solve some of the problems of DAOs that have existed in the past.

Ep 07 – Blockchain – Logistics & SCM

In this episode of the Blockchain Dialogues podcast, we discuss the Logistics and Supply Chain Management systems in various businesses around the world and how Blockchain technology is solving real world problems to make them more efficient and reliable. Blockchains today are being used for Supply Chain applications, in everything from tracing the origin and supply of diamonds, to ensuring the safety of meats and other perishables in the food industry. It is also being used by logistics service providers, trucking and freight carriers for purposes from data authentication to ensuring that the transport records are tamper proof at every point. In this episode, we take a look at the various public blockchain solutions that are addressing the various pain points in logistics and supply chain environments, along with some of the enterprise solutions in the industry as well.

Ep 06 – Blockchain & Gaming

In this episode of the blockchain dialogues podcast, we talk about an industry that is seen by many to be in natural synergy with a strong use case for Blockchains. A space where Blockchain based assets can solve a real problem for buyers and sellers in a market that largely remains centralized – the $138 billion industry of gaming. From being able to issue game based assets as tokens on a blockchain, utilizing decentralized exchanges for buying and selling game based assets, to producing new monetization models for game developers – blockchain technology is seen as an enabler in many different ways. We look at Gaming as an industry, explore how blockchain technology fits into the various use cases of gaming and look at some of the prominent blockchain gaming projects that are in the works today.