Krishna Kumar Srivastava (@kkposts)

KKKrishna is an Engineer and a Management professional, with over 12 yrs of experience in industries including Alternative Energy and AI. He began his career in 2008, as a software professional for Oracle Financial Services Software Ltd. He developed an interest in Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology in 2015, seeing the potential ground breaking impacts of DLTs and the evolution of financial and economic structures.

Nikhil Krishna (@technikhil)

nikhilNikhil has been a software professional for 18 years with a deep passion for the internet and web technologies.  He started getting interested in blockchain technology in 2016 and got hooked after reading the Satoshi white-paper.  Nikhil has conducted multiple presentations, workshops and trainings on blockchain in Kerala and is passionate about spreading the word about blockchains and their immense potential.