Ep 03 – Mimblewimble


In this episode of the Blockchain Dialogues podcast, we discuss an interesting new protocol called the Mimblewimble Protocol. Mimblewimble looks to solve some of the shortcomings of Bitcoin by improving upon two key aspects of bitcoin that being – scalability and privacy. It uses an innovative new technology to cut through transactions making the blockchain much smaller thereby helping with scalability. And it also implements what is known as Confidential transactions, helping with greater anonymity and privacy. In this episode, we discuss why Mimblewimble became a topic of interest in the bitcoin community, what makes it different from other technologies, how it works and its pros and cons.

Ep 02 – Ethereum Governance


In this episode of the Blockchain Dialogues podcast, we look at an important aspect of public blockchains i.e. Governance. Blockchain governance in simple terms can be described as a collection of rules, regulations, policies, incentives and penalties, that, a distributed network of people, can adopt in order to ensure; that the goals of the network are being met, the network is following certain commonly agreed upon mechanisms to improve itself, and to ensure that the network is not being compromised at any point of time. In this episode we look at the importance of on-chain governance, off-chain governance, specifically how a network like Ethereum handles both, what are Ethereum Request for Comments or (ERCs), what are Ethereum Improvement Proposals etc.

Ep 01 – Oracles


A blockchain oracle can be defined as a program or a software that can identify information from outside a blockchain and translate it in a way so that it can be used within the blockchain, through the usage of smart contracts. What makes oracles important in the blockchain ecosystem is that Oracles make existing real world information such as supply chain management data, stock market information, information from pressure or temperature sensors within a manufacturing environment or any other data for that matter, directly usable within a blockchain. In this episode, we look at how oracles work, the different kinds of oracles that can conceptually exist and the various projects and companies that are working towards realising oracles.


Here we talk about blockchains. We explore various types of blockchains, provide our opinions on various new features and interesting innovations and explore the possibilities of this space.

In addition to deep technical discussions we also talk about the adjacencies of blockchains with other disciplines like networking, economics, game theory, etc.