EP 12 – Blockchain in Media

The Media industry is a broad ecosystem with many different players from video sharing platforms to traditional broadcasters, to music creators to the various technology companies providing specific solutions for media companies. In an existing online media space, where the power of central companies is becoming increasingly dependent on social influencers, the industry faces several challenges around revenue sharing with content creators, censorship of information or even mangement of digital ownership rights of content creators.

In this episode we focus on various projects that are looking to solve different types problems in this ecosystem. We discuss projects such as LBRY, DTube and Props that are looking to tackle the online video space, and are looking to compete with companies such as Youtube. We take a closer look at the Theta project, that is looking to create an alternative video delivery network for better quality delivery, along with making it cheaper than existing CDNs. We also discuss some specific examples from the music industry where blockchain technology is being used for better management of ownership rights and distribution of royalties.